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Meet Addison – A Unique Gift from God

Today I made a new friend and I was reminded again of why I love what I do. I want you all to meet Addison. Addison is a very special child who was born with a genetic disorder known as Metatropic Dysplasia. It is a rare case of dwarfism and there are less than 100 cases ever known to exist. She is a precious child who loves Elmo.

Addison’s mother is Carrie Strimel and owns, which is part of a direct sales company that helps you create income or save on your phone bill and runs a charity known as

Carrie inspires me as she goes out and works with numerous charities and of course fights to make the best life for her family as possible. Some look at Addison and see a tragedy or feel sympathy, but I look at her think how blessed she is to have a great mom and what joy she brings to others both from her sweet smile (which she managed not to do for the photo) and reminding us all that we have nothing to complain about today.

Addison Metatropic DysplasiaMetatropic Dysplasia

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