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10 Ways To Double Your Business Using Gifts

I attended a great seminar from my new friend Tim Gillette last week. There he really encouraged me to create a new informational product for my audiences to better serve them. I trust Tim’s advice so I did create that product.

I took my talk that I give to various groups around Dallas and recorded it so that those that can’t attend a meeting or just want to have it available to re-listen to again and again.

I’ve said before that gifts are a powerful tool that you can use for your business and in this new audio less I give 10 Ways to DOUBLE Your Business with Gifts. I have it available in several different forms:

Free – If you’d like just the written outline of the audio then you can request it absolutely free and you’ll receive 1 tip a day for 10 days.

MP3 Recording E-mail – $5

Audio CD – $10

Audio CD plus my first book “How to Market Your Business: 51 Ways to Prosper in Any Economy” – $20

If you’d like to use gifts to increase your business then make sure to contact me today at 469-322-9477.

Who do you need to send a gift to today?

Everyone Has A Story
Learning to Love People

A friend of mine, Vlad Mitrofan, recently asked me how I take such an interest in people. I was surprised at the question, but very pleased he noticed. All of my life I’ve been a people person. I love learning about others and how they think and why they do what they do. I especially love people that are different from me. Since I run a blog called Twisted Conservative it is pretty easy to tell I have certain opinions, but honestly the best people in my life are those I disagree with. If everyone around you is the same then you’re not growing.

So how did you learn to be interested in people?

First, remember that people are where opportunities come from. Nobody who you are or what you do all of your opportunities in someway come from other people.

Second, Remember that everyone has a story to tell. We’re all different in some way and when you learn to dig deep into a person’s life you’ll learn to find them interesting.

My friend Ian Harkness deals in printing and cartridges. Most folks would not find that very exciting, but when you sit down and learn that he grew up in the UK during the London Blitz of WWII and hear his story you’ll find him one of the most interesting people you’ve ever met.

Everyone has a story. You just need to have the patience to find out what it is. Who are they? Where did they come from?

I’m a comic book nerd so I like to call it their origin story. What made them the person they are today?

So if you want to be more productive in business then learn to find out people’s story. And I’d love to learn your story as well so please give me a call and let’s plan a one on one.

Forward to Friend

Baseball Flavored Gum

If you can’t “Take Me out to the Ballgame” then bring the ballgame to me. I’ve seen some weird gum before but I think this Ballpark Gum with hot dog, peanuts, and beer flavor might take the cake. Hmm now cake flavored gum I could go for.

Photo of the Week

This weeks photo is my friend Suzanne Campbell with a giant Teddy Bear balloon.

At Tim Gillette’s event I met one of my motivators that I’ve been following for over a year. CJ Ortiz, the Metal Motivator. CJ was gracious enough to do a quick video on success with me. You can see it at:
Discover How to Improve Your Incentive, Thank You, or Referral Program then Click Here and Contact me TODAY!

Call 469-322-9477 today to request your FREE Report “Discover the Top 10 Ways to Use Gifts to Double YOUR Business!”

For the last decade I’ve had the privilege of helping companies create an atmosphere for business growth. As an “Employee Productivity Expert” I love speaking so groups of any size to help them put the proper systems in place so that they can extend the value of customers and create many more referrals. If you know a group in search of entertaining and motivational business speakers then please give me a call at 469-322-9477.
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