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San Antonio Councilman Recall

After the San Antonio City Council voted last month to make gender identity  a “protected group” many conservative leaders have been working to recall some of the leaders of the measure.

According to this article they are getting close to the recall for Bernal.

I didn’t write much about the measure when the debate was going on as I had some other focuses and I try not to shotgun on topics really. All of my posts on this blog are posted on Pro-Life Texas because that is my primary focus.

Today, I wanted to share my views on this though. While I am a conservative Christian I do not come at this situation from a religious or theological standpoint. I approach it from a purely liberty standpoint.

I don’t believe anyone should be discriminated against in most situation. I think it is wrong and shameful for people to be told they are less than or not worthy for any reason, but I also don’t believe that it is the right of the government at any level to tell business owners what they can and cannot do with their business.

If I don’t like to hire people with green eyes I shouldn’t be forced to hire people with green eyes. It’s a silly example, but it stands true for anything. If I don’t want to hire women, gay men and women, Christians or  Muslims, black or Hispanic people then I shouldn’t have to hire them. Is it stupid and wrong of me? Yes, but it is the price of living in a free society.

Along with that the public has the right to boycott and picket my establishment if they disagree with my practices. This is how Martin Luther King Jr. handled stores that wouldn’t hire black people. Not only did they boycott, but they also picketed out front keeping white people from coming in as well. Eventually, business owners were forced to change their policies and the government had nothing to do with it.

I don’t understand why someone from the LGBT community would want to work for someone that doesn’t want them there in the first place. If you want equality it already exists. We all have the equal right to start our own businesses and should be able to hire whoever we want.

I don’t believe laws like this or hate crime legislation truly help people gain acceptance. It puts up more walls and barricades and makes those that might discriminate into victims.

Whatever your beliefs are about any of these things it is not the role of the government to make it come to pass. It’s our job on both sides to go our our community and educate others.

If you’re gay and want to end discrimination then go befriend others and teach them. Let them see your life.

If you think homosexuality is wrong then go befriend those that disagree. Share the gospel. Be generous and kind. Show the love of Christ.

When did we get to the point that we need the government to mediate and regulate everything? Why not go be a community and share our beliefs, have a debate, change minds?

We’re all human. Most of us don’t have some big conspiratorial agenda. We just all wanted to be treated fairly and try to treat others the same way, but let’s do it ourselves and not forced those in disagreement on either side with the end of a government barrel.



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