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End of the Year Goals
Finishing Strong

There are approximately 10 weeks left in the year and I hop everyone has there goals set for the final push. As a gift specialist this is a very important time for my business. I’ve set a massive goal of doing $100,000 in gift albums for Christmas. Some people think I am crazy, but to paraphrase Steve Jobs would say it is the ones craziness to believe they can do it that change things.

The only hope of accomplishing this is with my fantastic network thinking of me when they hear individuals and companies looking for gifts. I truly appreciate all of your referrals and I’m always on the look out to help each of your businesses as well. Local small businesses in Texas are strong and growing because we work together.

So who do you need to send a gift to this week?

Be a River, not a Reservoir.
That is a quote from John Maxwell. The principle is that many of us are interested in self-improvement, but often we stop there. If we really wish to improve ourselves then we should consider taking what we learn and pouring it in to others. We don’t really know a topic until we can teach it to others. So what have you learned that you can use to bless someone else?
Over the weekend I went to Dallas Fan Days. Yes, I’m a geek. I thought I’d share the costume I created from Saturday. That is indeed me inside that Ninja Turtle.
Forward to Friend

A Gift Fit for a Throne

The golf community is considered one of the best markets to reach for businesses. Many golf enthusiasts seem to be willing to buy anything related to their pastime. Well this weeks gift might truly be one of the most unique and possibly disturbing gifts I’ve seen. The Potty Putter allows golfers to practice their putt from the toilet finally creating a reason for men to spend even more time in the restroom than women. I just hope it is machine washable.

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