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Wendy Davis Makes It Official

We’ve all seen it coming for weeks, but yesterday she finally announced. Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas.

Now many will say that Wendy doesn’t have a chance, but to say that is to be foolish. Wendy Davis won a senate seat in one of the most conservative areas of Texas as a democrat, twice. She blocked multiple efforts by republicans in the senate. And don’t forget that she has national name recognition and money flowing in to her war chest.

Wendy Davis knows how to win, but I don’t think her campaign has anything to do with her actually winning. I think she knew that whatever she ran for she was unlikely to win. The goal of the Wendy for Governor campaign is to revitalize a broken down democrat voting base that hasn’t won in decades.

Wendy Davis is the top of the ticket in 2014 like President Obama was in 2012. They couldn’t win in Texas, but they definitely moved supporters to the polls.

Wendy Davis for Governor puts toss up house and senate races in to play as many women and minorities will go to specifically vote for her and while they are there will vote for other democrats.

Even though Wendy is most known for trying to keep it longer to kill viable children in the womb, the first picture you see on her website is her surrounded by kids from many races. The woman knows what she is doing. Do not underestimate her.

If you want to really beat Wendy Davis then make sure you support local politicians that she makes vulnerable. Donate, block walk, and tell your friends about them. That is still where the real battle lies in keeping Texas prosperous.

Jason Vaughn



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