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Weekly Newletter – What You Measure Improves

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

Are You Ready

I know many people (men especially) would love to just ignore the holiday season, but yet it is upon us and we all need to start preparing for gifts. Why not take take of a bulk of your gifts for yourself and your business by by giving me a call today? Call me today and let’s see what works best for you! 469-322-9477

Who do you need to send a gift to this week?


What You Measure Improves. 
This is known as the Hawthorne or Observer effect. It is based on a study in a factory where they made changes to see the effect on productivity. The catch was that the workers knew they were being observed. Due to the observation the productivity improved whether the change was positive or negative. I used this principle when losing weight and as long as I kept the measurements I was most effective.
So this week ask yourself: What can I begin to measure in my life and business so that it may improve?






Forward to Friend

A Royal Gift

The shopping center in Wales, ASDA, where Duchess Kate has shopped has designated a parking space just for her and the royal baby, George Alexander Louis. Do you have a special spot you can give to a special customer? Perhaps a “Customer of the Month?” I know I’d make sure to visit.

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For the last decade I’ve had the privilege of helping companies create an atmosphere for business growth. As an “Employee Productivity Expert” I love speaking so groups of any size to help them put the proper systems in place so that they can extend the value of customers and create many more referrals. If you know a group in search of entertaining and motivational business speakers then please give me a call at 469-322-9477.

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I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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