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Today We Welcome Obamacare

Unless Pres. Obama and Senate Democrats have decided to shut the government down by not passing the funding measure the House sent them then Obamacare exchanges are now open.

What does that mean? I have no idea really and neither do most people I know. As a small business owner this law really scares me as I know I will never be able to hire full time employees without incurring even more extreme costs. Or is that only if I have 50 or more employees? No clue.

This almost 3,000 page monstrosity is overwhelming even for well informed people. How will this all play out? No idea.

Here is last week’s SNL skit mocking the confusion about Obamacare:

And to prove how really absurd it is. Here is a comment a liberal support (other comments show his is serious) about how SNL should be ashamed about spreading misinformation and the Obamacare’s free and equal healthcare is a great thing.

The problem? Obamacare is neither free nor equal. There is a monthly
fee and multiple options that all offer different levels of coverage.



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  1. Howard Dean (democrat) says obalmycare is a bailout of the insurance companies in return for bribes (contributions) they paid out to BOTH democrats and republicans. That’s why republicans only put up token resistance to it.

    What industry wouldn’t want the government to force 50,000,000 people to become customers overnight?

    Of course, none of these “conservatives” bitched when auto insurance became mandatory. This is largely modeled after that.

    “People get the government they deserve.” – John Updike/Author


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