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They Call Me Old Glory – American Flag Poem by Charlie Zahm

An great acquaintance of mine, Charlie Zahm, posted this yesterday. I thought it would be fitting as we remember 9-11.

May we always remember.

American Flag 9/11

They call me Old Glory, I fly over this land I love

And I am more than just a flag that you’ll see wave above.

I’ve stood for freedom and for faith two centuries and more,

Your fathers’ fathers cherished me, and their fathers gone before.


I was there in Philadelphia where they wrote the Declaration,

Now I’m in the homes of patriots yes all across this nation.

You’ll see my colors proudly fly from Rocky Mountain towers…

But mostly, I’m in the hearts of those who love this land of ours.


This red is for the blood that flowed on the grass of Bunker Hill.

The white is for the light that shines on soldiers’ graves so still.

The blue is for the hope that morning skies give us each day,

These colors join to make me strong and they’ll never fade away.


I flew above the brave young men in the jungles where I’d lead ‘em

You’ll see me at the Alamo, the shrine to Texas freedom.

I wave above Pearl Harbor where some forever sleep,

You’ll see me in old veterans’ eyes and in the memories they keep.


I’m above the hills of Arlington, where just the other day

Another hero found his rest, now with the best he lays.

I was wrapped in a tight triangle for the grieving widow there,

I felt her tears fall on my cloth as she closed her eyes in prayer.


I know today misguided souls might think you’d be a fool

To teach your children some old rhyme that you once learned in school.

But I tell you now that pledge you make with your hand upon your chest

Is a pledge to honor those who gave it all that you’d be blessed…


That you’d be blessed to live in freedom, without hunger without fear,

That you’d be blessed to raise your family, so for all your given years

Remember those who fought and died for me, they’d do it all again

So when you pledge allegiance, you thank all veterans then.


So for this Country’s sons and daughters, this pledge I make so true:

You fight to keep me flying high, and I’ll inspire you,

You’ll see me waving in the breeze above the old town square

And you’ll know that by my colors that’s Old Glory flying there.


Yes, they call me Old Glory and I’ve been around a while

And I may have a rip and tear from a long and dusty mile,

But I’ll ne’er forget the morning when God first planted me

And as long as you believe, I’ll fly from sea to shining sea.




Charlie Zahm is my favorite folk musician and I highly recommend you check out his albums.


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I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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  1. God bless you for posting this poem by Charlie Zahm. Beautiful.


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