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Snarky Defense of Pro-Life Position on Reddit

Please pardon the language, but I love snarky people. This post from reddit is very entertaining.


I absolutely love posts about abortion. Nothing makes /r/politics[1] crank out every possible vile insult more than the issue of whether or not they should be allowed to kill their fetuses. And this post[2] is an absolute goldmine.

First, let’s take a look at Mr u/BroJangles. He has the honor of having the top post in the thread.

They don’t give a damn about born babies either, especially if they’re not white.[3]

Here we have the obvious “they don’t care about babies” line, based on the idea that the pro-life community doesn’t want to help the poor. Hates the poor, actually. And yes, this is the entire Pro-life community, which we all know is perfectly homogeneous, made up of white male and self-hating female Republicans or Libertarians. This theme comes up over and over.

BroJangles also tosses in the race card as well. That’s the second square on your bingo card if you’re playing at home. Now, you may think that he was being flippant and simply looking for some cheap karma. Well, we’ll come back to that…

So why do pro-life advocates oppose abortion? After all, they don’t really care for babies, so why pretend to care about them before they’re born? /u/JaiC[4]  has a theory…

(Liberals support legalized abortion because we want to keep the abortion rate down. Conservatives oppose abortion because they want to keep the poverty rate up. The evidence supports my claim.)[[5] ]

Mmmmmexcellent. It’s a plot to not only keep the poor in poverty, but to make even more people destitute. And theevidence backs him/her up! As does /Dallas Dude:

I think the GOP has been waging an incredibly robust war on poverty. As in, if you are born poor or get kicked down the ladder they will guarantee your inability to climb back up.[6]

u/camalittle, on the other hand, wants us to believe that the pro-lifers are simply the product of some sort of Republican astroturfing.

“Right to Life” was created by conservative strategists to get the working class to vote for Republicans.[7]

All of this is a ruse to get the poor and the working class emotionally charged so they march to the polls every election and (unknowingly or unwittingly) vote against their true better interests.[8]

You heard it. People are tricked into thinking they care about fetuses. That they believe a fetus is a human life deserving of the rights of personhood. Because obviously anyone who doesn’t agree with camalittle and his/her political beliefs must be being manipulated. If only they could think for themselves they would change their minds and agree with him/her! And not only that, it’s all just an appeal to emotion. If pro-lifers thought about thingslogically, they would obviously follow camalittle and the rest of the pro-choice community, because god knows those people don’t get emotionally manipulated and riled up at all. Finally, you get the “voting against their own interests” argument. Which is pretty telling, since he/she can’t seem to fathom why someone would be against abortion voluntarily. I mean, not wanting people to have the right to destroy what they consider to be a human life isn’t selfish, so it must be against their own interest. Right?

But we all know the best theory that comes up in these posts…

They’re not pro-life. They’re anti-women.[9]

Ok, ok, that came from u/I_Key_Cars, so it’s not really fair, but this crap is all over the place.

u/aggie1391 tells us that all pro-lifers believe women belong in the kitchen.

I have been active in the pro-choice movement for a long time and I have yet to see any anti-choicer who doesn’t think a woman’s primary roll is in the home. [10]

u/All_You_Need_Is_Sex jumps in on the action.

It’s about keeping women down and “in their place.”[11]

As does /u/Veteran4Peace[12]  (although since edited, to his credit, but still well upvoted)

It’s not about being “pro-Life,” it’s about controlling women’s sexuality and punishing behavior they disapprove of.[13]

That is a fantastic thread which brings out pretty much every single vilifying stereotype of a pro-life individual. And another appearance by BroJangles! Who really wants to make it clear again that if you are pro-life, you are a racist:

Especially if they aren’t white.[14]


Especially if they aren’t white.[15]


“Welfare” is pretty much synonymous to the N-word for you people.[16]

Man, all we’re missing is some ridiculous Trayvon Martin reference. Err…

especially if they aren’t white. They all jizz in their pants when black children get shot buying skittles.[17]

Yes, you’ve got to hand it to /r/politics[18] . They sure know how to demonize those who don’t fall in with their ideologies.




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