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Why the New England Patriots Must Hate God

I’m not a football fan really, but I do like Tim Tebow. I appreciate his faith and his desire to give the glory to God.


But I think my appreciation for Tebow is a lot like my appreciation for Ron Paul. Whereas I really like them, but I don’t like their outspoken fans.

This week Tebow was released from the New England Patriots and his adoring throng went while with statements like:

“Tim, Tim, Tim…if you want to be accepted in that part of the country you’re going to have to remake your image into part Rae Carruth, part Jeffrey Dahmer, part Nidal Hasan and part Chelsea Manning.”

“In the words of the GREAT PETE ROSE…. (paraphrasing) If I had just been a wife beating, alcoholic, drug addict with a criminal record I would be in the HALL OF FAME!”

“Too much Jesus for the Pats. They would rather have a team of gangsta’ thugs than upright Christians. Also, Brady would be jealous of the limelight loss. He is such a prima donna.”

So many immediately start playing the victim and persecuted Christian card. They like Tim Tebow and since he is a Christian then obviously he must be amazing.

This type of thought is not only idiotic, but it also ungodly. The average NFL quarterback makes approximately $2 Million a year plus all of their endorsements. If you’re paying anybody that kind of money with all the great football players in the world then you better be able to get the job done. Tebow is good, and if they kept him on he may develop to be great over a number of years, but it isn’t the Patriots job to develop another quarterback when they find someone that is already more of a fit to their team.

Being upset with the Patriots over not keeping Tebow is like being upset that McDonald’s didn’t keep the clumsy fry cook that kept splashing oil. A person’s faith doesn’t mean they are great at their job though they certainly should be inspired to work harder at it.

I don’t care how much faith I have I will never be an outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals. I’m just not good enough.

But this victim / hero worship isn’t just found in sports. We are also drawn to the most outspoken Christian politicians regardless of whether they are the best leaders. Don’t get me wrong. I want my leaders to be Christians and I want them to have a strong biblical guidance, but just because they do doesn’t mean they are the most outspoken doesn’t mean they are the best person for the job.

Choose Wisely


Sometimes it seems like Christians make their voting decisions based on who can get the most Bible verses into the debate.

When God tells Moses and the people of Israel to choose leaders he said:

Moreover, look for able men from all the people, men who fear God, who are trustworthy and hate a bribe, and place such men over the people as chiefs of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties, and of tens. Exo. 18:21

Before he says that they are to fear God and be trustworthy they must first be able. The first qualification for leadership is the ability to do and understand the job.

Are They Able to Win the Election

For politicians this is more than just their stance on gay marriage and abortion. 

No matter how much you like and agree with them you are not honoring God by supporting someone who is unable or unwilling to do all moral and upright things necessary to get elected. Many Christians act like just because they think their candidate “deserves” the position the people should support him. No one deserves anything and if they aren’t willing to earn my support and run a campaign that is winnable then they are wasting all of our time and being a poor steward of God’s resources.

I recently messaged one state wide candidate about his facebook page. He has a picture of himself in which he is scruffy looking and a banner that looks like he is running for 5th grade class president. I really like what the man stands for and would love to support him so being the loud mouth I am I bluntly told him that he needed to fix that. His reply was very gracious, but he said that he believes voters see through image consulting work and he wanted to be authentic.

I understand the desire to be authentic, but there are ways to be authentic and tell your story that people will listen. Your belief in whether image consultants work or not doesn’t matter. Elections prove they work.

Democrats and moderates often win because they study what it takes to look and sound like a leader.

A friend of mine makes the observation that Ronald Reagan won more to the fact that he wore custom tailored suits than his great speeches. It’s not why conservatives voted for him, but it helped lead the nation vote for him.

Christians that desire to serve in public office must learn that there is more to politics than just legislating. You first have to win elections.

Whatever your profession, whether you’re a film maker, football player, mechanic, or politician don’t ever think your faith makes you deserving of the position you desire. Instead, let your faith lead you to become the best in your field. That is how you will being glory to God with your life as well as your words.




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