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Position Yourself as the Expert

A while back I added helping companies with their gift needs to my entertainment business. I help them create systems for Years of Service Awards, incentives, Christmas gifts, and any other gift need. I was wise in helping them systematize it, but I made a mistake with my positioning. I used the phrase “Gift Specialist.” That was a great expert term, but it was too narrow and didn’t open doors.

With the start of the new fiscal year I am changing that position to “Employee Productivity Expert.” That is going to open up a lot more doors for me to offer my products, but I am first offering myself. Along with selling gifts I’m creating speaking packages for chambers, sales, and networking groups. These will focus on persuasion, sales and follow up.

As a final piece of the puzzle I’m creating a weekly e-mail tip and a monthly printed newsletter for my clients and prospects. This is more opportunity for me to stay in front of them and be top of mind when they hear of someone needed a personal gift or a gift for their business.

So what about you though? How have you positioned yourself in business? Do you just sell a product or are you a go to expert? How do you help people? Do you sell furniture or are you an expert in decor? Do you sell vitamins or are you a Health Coach? Do you work in film or are you a Production Consultant?

Positioning yourself as an expert means you are selling your value and not just your products value and people will always have more value than products.

Leave a comment below letting me know how you position yourself and of course if you know any companies or groups looking for a speaker (or gifts for customers and employees) I always appreciate the referral.

Twistedly Yours,


Jason Vaughn, The Twisted Conservative


Pro-Life Texas and Pro-Life Minutemen


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I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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