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Planned Parenthood and Nazi Goodness

Some pro-abortion advocates were attacking me for praising the closure of Planned Parenthood abortion mills because they also offer some other health services.

This has to be one of the most short sighted and idiotic arguments I’ve heard. They SLAUGHTER babies. They could be the kindest, gentlest, and most generous people on earth and I’d still cheer the organizations demise.

As a parallel here are 6 good things Hitler did. Perhaps we should have supported him as well. Copied from this article:

1.) No smoking! Hitler was vehemently anti-smoking. The Nazi’s were also the first to link smoking to the contraction of cancer. Source.

2.) The Hitler Mobile? Hitler wanted every German, whether rich or poor, to have a car. And thus he invented the Volkswagen (“People’s Car”). Source.

3.) Spare some change? Before coming into power in 1933, mass unemployment crippled the German economy. The global depression of that era made it so that a wheelbarrow full of money couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread. When the Nazis stormed on to the scene, they put everyone back to work. Over night, the wheels of the economy were turning once more and money was flowing back into people’s pockets. Source.

4.) It’s his way or the highway! Every time you hop on to the freeway to get somewhere faster than taking all the back roads, thank Hitler. That’s right, Hitler invented the highway system (“Autobahn” in German). Source.

5.) This little light of mine… I’m gunna let it shine! The Olympic torch relay ceremony was Hitler’s idea for the 1936 Berlin Olympic games. We haven’t since gotten rid of the ceremony. Source.

6.) Save the whales! Hitler and many top Nazis were environmentalist types who cared deeply about animals and their rights. The Nazis were among the first to put in place laws protecting animals from abuse.Source.

According to pro-choice logic, obviously Hitler was a great man. Sure he had his flaws, but look at all the good the murdering scumbag did.

So go ahead praise Planned Parenthood. Heil Margaret Sanger! Heil Cecile Richards! Heil Abortion!




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