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Yesterday, I posted about being wise in using what tools to debate with pro-abortion advocates. Briefly after posting that this article was brought to my attention. It by by Kelsey Hazzard of Secular Pro-Life. She does a great job writing about staying on point and how you don’t have to connect the issues. As a Christian and an evangelist I certainly pray that she one day runs to the gospel call, but I also greatly appreciate her pro-life work and willingness to work along side people she disagrees with on other issues. Thanks for your work Kelsey. You are much appreciated.

Penn Jillete

By the way the answer to this is a doctrine called “Common Grace.” That is the grace poured out on all of us that keeps our wicked hearts from complete rule.



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  1. Unlike the atheists I regularly deal with online, Penn Jillette is one who was happy to be given a Bible. In fact he is less than impressed by those who claim to be Christian, but allow themselves to be intimidated into not sharing their faith.

  2. Common Grace is such an important doctrine in understanding people’s total depravity and why is it that things aren’t in “utter” depravity.


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