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In Dark Times Who Will Shine the Light?

Holocaust prolife Jewish


We all wonder what we would do placed in certain situations. Would we fight or flee? Would we stand up or back down? Would we risk it all or save ourselves.

Well we have been in dark days for many years. The holocaust six million people. Abortion has killed over 50 million. Many Germans said “We didn’t know.” Well you do not have that option. You do know and to do nothing is consent.

Yes, we’re all busy. We all have lives to live and other battles to fight, but can we really say the blood of the innocent is not worth our attention?

Some friends told me once that “Roe is the law of the land and you are just wasting your time.” Perhaps I am. Perhaps everything I do is for naught. But even then this is a purpose far better to lose fighting then to do nothing at all.

People scream about Syria and the Sudan and Darfur, as they should, but they won’t even take the time to be informed and change their own government. Justice may be blind but we are not. We are just apathetic.


Abortion Apathy


If you have still not watched 180 Movie please take the time to do so:



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