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Working Together to Save Babies

This video thrills my heart! It contains so many different people working to save babies.

The main focus John spends everyday proclaiming the gospel at an abortion clinic (the same one that sends out the $50 abortion coupon). He says God uses him to change about 30 minds of mothers a month.

The pastor, R.c. Sproul Jr. regularly goes himself and encourages others to go.

Leclerc Brothers Motion Pictures who created this short used their talents to reach thousands of others with a call to save babies.

Each has a role and uses it. Maybe your role is different, but if you are child of God and have been awakened to the horrors of abortion then you are meant to take part in someway. Maybe it’s at the mill praying or preaching, maybe it is at a pro-life ministry, maybe it is training or organizing, or maybe it is that you go out and make a lot of money and help fund the pro-life efforts of other ministries (we could use a lot more of these people).
Whatever it is, find your role and take part. I hope this film encourages you as it did me and you share the video and your thoughts.

What is your role?


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I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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