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Discover How You Can Help Save Babies Right Now

There are a couple of projects I’m working on for Pro-Life Texas and I need your help!

pro-life texas1) The “Make Their Memories Real Commercial”

This is a commercial and possibly a series of commercials written by my friend Andrew Koch. I’m currently trying to produce it but we need some funds. This is a “Call to Arms” commercial to encourage pro-life supports to get engaged and take take in the fight. We need some funds to get the crew and locations ready to go.

2) The Pro-Life Minutemen Training

This is a new network I’m trying to create that reaches out to train 20 and 30 somethings in things they can do to take a bigger role in pro-life advocacy. Right now I’m planning a trip to D.C. to get some training and advice from Students for Life, but I could really use the help funding this trip and producing the materials for this training.

If you’d be interested in helping fund either of these projects or can pass this on to at least 2 people who might be able to I’d greatly appreciate it.

Here is a link to give:

Thank you for all of your support!

Twistedly Yours,

Jason Vaughn, The Twisted Conservative


Owner of Pro-Life Texas and Pro-Life Minutemen



About Jason Vaughn

I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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