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Short Open Letter to Candidates: Get Your Stuff Together!


Dear Candidates,

I don’t really care if I agree with you more than your opponent. If you run your campaign like you’re seeking to be the smart kid in middle school seeking to be class president I’m not going to support you. If your graphics are terrible and you don’t know where to focus your time, how to raise, or who to hire to run a proper event then you aren’t ready to run and you don’t deserve my support.

If you run a restaurant you have to know a lot more than how to cook and if you run for political office you better know a lot more than just a cohesive political philosophy and economic theory.

I’m not attacking the idea of citizen politicians vs. professional politicians. I’m attacking the idea that you can just be a conservative, have no idea about campaigning or the process, and expect to win or even waste our resources supporting you.

If you’re determined to just jump in then please at least start local or hire the right people to train you. We wast to much time, effort, and money supporting a guy that doesn’t have a shot at winning against another fine candidate that we may have some disagreements with when we could use that time, effort and energy going after truly moderate to liberal candidates in races we can win. 

Please consider what you’re actually doing and allow your supporters to go and work where they will actually make a difference. 


Tired of Amateur Hour


About Jason Vaughn

I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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