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Breakthrough by James O’Keefe is an Inspiring Look at Journalism

breakthrough by James O'Keefe

I recently finished the new book by James O’Keefe: Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy. That is quite the subtitle, but should we expect any less from the guy who took down ACORN with videos of him dressed as a pimp?

I admit that I’m a fan of O’Keefe’s work. I think it is the creative edge that the right has been missing for a long time. I love the daredevil tactics and undercover work, I enjoy that he knows to put entertaining context around the raw footage to really catch the public’s attention, and I was seriously inspired by this book.

As a matter of fact, it was reading the first couple of chapters of Breakthrough that inspired the Let Texas Speak rally where video was captured of the pro-abortion advocates chanting “Hail Satan.”

I normally don’t read books like this. I’m much more prone to self-development or business books and I was thrilled to pull those elements from Breakthrough. O’Keefe is a storyteller and whether it is from his videos or his book he is a master at it.

One of the most encouraging aspects that I hadn’t realized was that it was O’Keefe that that worked with Lila Rose on the Planned Parenthood sting in 2007. His support for ending abortion and his creative efforts helped endear his efforts even more.

If you want to combat the lies of the Left and expose truth then I encourage you to pick up a copy of Breakthrough today.


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