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Texas has 7 of the Top 10 Cities for Job Growth

Texas Ego

In a recent Forbes article they revealed that Texas has SEVEN of the top ten cities in America of job growth, including the top FOUR. These cities include:

1) Austin, TX 4.0%

2) McAllen, TX 3.7%

3) Houston, TX 3.5%

4) Fort Worth / Arlington, TX 3.5%

8) Dallas, TX 3.4%

9) Laredo, TX 3.3%

10) Brownsville, TX 3.1%

Forbes gives credit to Texas low tax rate and favorable regulation. I wish the U.S. government could figure that out.

But I think there is another aspect that makes Texas the best and that is that it thinks it’s the best. The Texas ego is as big as the state itself and it runs deep. Even those of us who weren’t born here have developed this great love and heart for Texas. We think of it as separate from the rest of America (we are the Lone Star State after all) and due to that we act like we’re not effected.

What we expect often effects how we act. If we think the Texas economy is fine then we act like it is. Consumers buy products and services and business expand. Not to mention almost everyone I know operates a secondary business on the side (I am Amway distributor myself). And so the economy continues to prosper proving us correct and thereby creating a feedback loop that keeps us on the move.

Gov. Perry calls it the “Texas Miracle,” but what else would we expect from the greatest state in the the greatest country on the planet?

Texas is the best


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