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The Texas Nemesis: Speaker Joe Straus

The last time I had a nemesis was in college. I was a dumb kid trying to start different political groups and not doing a great job and another guy was also somewhat campaigning for those same positions. In reality I’m just a nerd and kinda thought it was cool to have a nemesis. If I was smart I’d have come up with the idea pitched them to him and let him run with it as we would have done more together. I’ve since apologized to him and consider him a friendly acquaintance and I’m really proud of what he has gone on to accomplish. His name is Josh Kimbrell and he has a radio show now called Common Cents. You should check it out.

Today I have a new nemesis, but I doubt he knows my name.  That is good for me as he is quite powerful and I’m just a guy at a computer trying to get information out.

His name is Joe Straus and he is the current Speaker of the House in Texas. Speaker Straus is what many would call a moderate Republican. That isn’t really a surprise since it takes a majority to gain the speakers seat and you must have democratic support, but Speaker Straus goes even farther.

There are really 3 parties in the Texas House: Democrats, moderate Republicans, and Conservative Republicans. Sadly, Conservative Republicans are the smallest number of the three groups though we hope to grow that sector.

Speaker Straus is a master of the political game and he will make every effort to stay in power and only pass what he deems fit. I could go into many issues of his lack of true leadership, but let us focus on the issue of abortion.


  • And when Gov. Perry encouraged Wendy Davis for all she had done because her mother had chosen life it was Speaker Joe Straus that decided to attack him.
  • Speaker Straus did not show support at a single pro-life rally and didn’t even attend the bill signing of HB 2.

Also, while I have no proof I do know that multiple staffers and representatives told me that Joe Straus purposefully delayed the abortion bill. This gave time for Wendy Davis to filibuster. In other words, Wendy Davis is a national star today because of the failed leadership of Speaker Joe Straus.

Even this article on my friend Jonathan Stickland points out that Speaker Straus would rather work with democrats than conservative republicans.

Because of these issues and many other issues it is my primary goal this election cycle to fight against him in the primary and to take aim at his lapdogs in the house. In other words, It’s time to take down the squishy root of the Republican party at it’s base and every “Branch” along with it.

We don’t win and protect life just because we elect people with an R by their name and just vote properly on the bills. We need warriors and leaders that sincerely hold to our beliefs. We must pay attention and vote out those that do not support our beliefs. Get involved in the primaries now and support true conservative candidates. Waiting until November leads just leads us down the road to Hell (aka becoming like California).


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  1. I agree. If Texas turns blue someday, it will be because of Republicans like Joe Straus. Dubious ethics. Questionable allegiances. And worst of all, he is precisely the type of Republican that makes GOP voters stay home. When Republicans try to out-Democrat the Democrats, we lose. When we stand up unabashedly for strong conservative principles, we win. No Dan Branch. No Harvey Hilderbran. Throw those Straus-linked bums out.

  2. When Texas turns purple it will be partially the result of the stubbornly arrogant social conservative authoritarian base of their party that alienates anyone that dares to disagree.

    A recovering republican.

    • I’m much more libertarian than authoritarian myself, but I do believe that the only way for the Republican party to survive is to be a party of principles. Democrats never compromise. They always make the government a little bit bigger and bigger until we get to NSA and drone fiascos. People follow leaders, not moderates.


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