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Christian Correctness must end

ImageEllen DeGeneres and George Takei are the greatest weapons the LGBT community has for promoting gay rights. They are both hilarious and no matter how much you disagree with them you have to laugh and appreciate them (at least most people do).

Christians don’t have that. No well known Christians mainstream ever come across as being funny. Not just in a stand up way, but in a “I’d like to know them way.” We take everything so serious and as much as we claim to hate political correctness we have our own form of “Christian correctness” and if people don’t follow that then they are out on the proverbial streets.

Take a look at the abortion demonstrations at the Texas Capitol. No one had sympathy for the pro-aborts because they looked so angry. Normally, that is how we are perceived as well. Is it any wonder we’re losing the culture war?


About Jason Vaughn

I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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