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“Please move. I have something to say.” Men and the Abortion Discussion

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When I was a young kid in South Carolina, I vividly remember going with my mom to a large rally in my hometown to protest a pro-KKK museum being built on the town square.

My mom, my sister, and I were among the handful of white people at this massive rally. I remember how passers-by or people who supported the museum would come up to us and tell my mom that no white person should be there. They said this wasn’t her fight and she sure shouldn’t have brought her kids. She should have stayed home where she belonged.

My mom didn’t listen. Sure, it was uncomfortable, but it was right.

Today, I’m told that as a man I shouldn’t speak against abortion. I should either develop a uterus or shut up. Well, my mom taught me better.

Whatever your race, gender, or religion, you stand up for what is right. You act as voice for the voiceless and an amplifier for the downtrodden. When people tell you to sit down, you stand. When they shout you down, you speak up. When they yell and spit at you, when they shout obscenities, when they blockade your path, you hold your head up, walk forward, and with power and confidence say, “Please move. I have something to say.”

I learned that as kid because my mom was the example. Will you join us in Austin to stand for those that have no voice and be the example for your family?

Thanks, Mom. The simple lessons matter.


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