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Let’s Take a Look at the Numbers!

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One of the chief arguments for those that are pro-choice side is that of cases of rape and incest. Okay let’s examine that.

In the latest numbers I can find about 90,000 cases of rape of sexual assault were reported. Lets assume 1 in 10 rapes are reported. It’s likely 1 in 3 or 4 but still sad and I’m fine using extremes for this.

So we’re at 900,000 rapes a year. Approximately 10% of victims are men. That’s said, but they don’t get pregnant so we’re at 800,000 a year.

Now the highest percentage of pregnancies from rape is 4%. Most studies say 1-2% but again we’ll use extremes.

So 4% of 800,000 rapes is 32,000 pregnancies. Sadly, many women will miscarry due to the physical or emotional trauma of the rape, but let us assume for our numbers that hey are all aborted.

So we’re at 32,000 abortions a year. The CDC reported 784,507 abortions in 2009z many reports say 1.3 million but again let’s use the lowest number.

So with our extreme numbers cases of rape accounts for 4% of abortions. Another 3% is reported in case of health of the mother.

In other words all the emotional “What about rape and incest or the health of the mother?” Argument accounts for 7% of abortions when using these extreme cases.

So how about we focus on real issues like derelict fathers and selfish mothers? Stop falling for emotional non-sense arguments that are meant to derail a conversation.


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