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It’s Time for Texas to Speak!

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Hail Satan, Hail Satan, Hail Satan!

That is what they chanted as we sang Amazing Grace.

I knew that fighting for life was going to be a battle, but I never imagined the intensity of spiritual warfare that it would require. I went to bed on June 25th (really 4:00 am on the 26th) a saddened conservative in the know. I woke up a pro-life activist.

Who stands with Wendy? Not babies!

Who stands with Wendy? Not babies!

I’ve been studying and conversing about politics since high school. I’ve worked campaigns, gone door to door, and pretty much taught most of friends how to vote in local elections. After I watched the failure of SB 5 in Texas last week it was no longer enough to just be a high information voter. I had to get involved.

That is when I created Pro-Life Texas on facebook ( at the encouragement of a friend. I wanted a place to inform my friends and others more fully on what was happening and what we could do about it. A few other pro-life leaders found it and by God’s grace I was invited into a larger group of warriors for life.

Pro-Life Texas

There are many groups in Texas that are passionate about passing this legislation in Texas and pray it spreads.

to other states to save lives. So all of these groups decided to join together and communicate. Small groups that had just launched like mine had an equal voice of influence in decisions and discussions as large older organizations like Texas Alliance for Life (who helped gather us together). Due to my availability and experience in the events industry I was put in charge of the rally committee.

#Stand4Life Stand with life in Texas

After meeting with my committee at first we were planning a traditional rally. Mainly Texas women would speak, but perhaps a couple of national speakers. Well, then we heard of the wonderful rally that National Right to Life is putting on with Concerned Women for America and others. They have great speakers like Mike Huckabee and the Duggars coming to speak. So we thought to ourselves that our little rally wouldn’t do much else so we wanted to go a different direction.

Well that is where the “Let Texas Speak Rally” idea came from. It struck like lightening. We had wanted to focus on Texans anyway, but why not just every day Texans? So we decided to create a platform for everyday Texans to come and speak. We pitched it to the other groups and they liked the idea, but thought running it all day would be too much, but we could test the waters.

That was Monday night at 8 PM. On Tuesday at 3:30 we were live at We started in a small area behind the stairs where the DPS had agreed for us to stand. After we launched though an angry pro-abortion protester tried to block our camera. We were asked to move and since we sincerely appreciate the tough spot DPS is in we moved to the heat of the inverse rotunda.

Guys for Life

It is amazing how God works things out! We never would have fit in that little area for long as more and more brave supporters joined us in what I now call “the pit.” It also made photos and video much better and kept the protesters away from the committee room. Testimonies of women who regretted their abortions and spoke of the pain it caused. We had men stand and speak on how they regretted encouraging abortions or how hurt they were that their own child was murdered and they never even knew!

After a while more pro-abortion protesters started to show up. They started shouting down speakers. They didn’t want the world to be able to hear what Texans said. There were MoveOn.Org and Planned Parenthood signs. Graphic signs with foul language and drawings of private parts. They were there to intimidate, to harass, and to refuse us our rights! But the brave people at the rally would not be silenced. They refused to be stopped and so they kept speaking. Those spoke for hours. At times we stopped and prayed together. At other times we sang.

Paying for HB 2

At one point they started to march and chant as the circled us. But we stood and spoke. We couldn’t hear one another but we knew the world watching online could and so we stood and spoke. We could barely think from the smoke and screaming, but we stood and spoke.


I have never witness such bravery! One young woman who was born 22 weeks of gestation and so scared she couldn’t speak. But there she stood with her mother and her aunt on either side to tell her story. They testified in committee and the pro-abortion democrats asked her to stand and cheered her, but the radicals outside would have none of it. They at shouted the family and tried to refuse their story from being told. Yet the people heard.

 Born at 22 weeks. She is viable

At one point I was running to every representative and senator’s office I could to find water. I found some to sustain the people. Thankfully, Rick Green of Patriot Academy showed up with water and energy drinks. In his gracious spirit he not only gave them to us, but to the protesters as well. He said we must love our enemies and gave a very encouraging speech on the future of the pro-life movement.

When we began we prayed we could make it a couple of hours. At the fourth hour we tried to shut it down so people could rest and get away from the protesters, but the people of Texas wouldn’t have it. They wanted to speak. And so they did. For 9 hours testimonies went out and the people would have stayed, but the committee was about done and for the safety of our people we wanted them to get out.


Lone woman prays in the center of protesters

Lone woman prays in the center of protesters

It was an amazing day. The Lord was gracious. We stood for the voice of Texas. We stood for the voice of the voiceless. We stood for life!

And we will continue to stand. With God’s providence we hope to do it all again next week. We need your help though. Please come out and get your friends out to Austin, TX to the Capitol. The pro-aborts are out in force. If we fail in Texas it will be a blow for the pro-life movement for years to come. Yet if we succeed against such terrible forces then we grant confidence to the rest of the nation and perhaps the world. We need you to be there. We need you to tell others.

If you can’t be there here are some ways to help:

1) Tweets: We’re trying to keep correct information and positive tweets going with the hashtag #Stand4Life.

You can also tweet the stream and videos from and clips from and

The first one is primarily testimonies. The latter is video of the pro-choice people misbehaving.


2) Research – I have so much going on that I can’t search social media and blogs for what is going on. I need positive stories from the pro-life groups (and negative so I can put an end to it) and I need any info on the pro-choice crowd as well like events, paying protesters, vulgar signs, cursing out women, etc.

Stay Out of my mommy's vagina

3) Media – We need folks that are creative and can gather up videos and make memes and such. We need Headlines and bylines to pass around. People with media connections and the ability to blog and write op-eds. I watched an all white mob shout down minority pro-life women while saying “health care is not just for the rich and white.” We need to show these things.

People can gather or create (by create I mean memes or montages, etc. Verify all sources and info.) from social media and get it to me at

4) Finally, I need folks to contact organization and businesses to do all other above if possible and we need them to contact folks in Texas to get them out next Monday and Tuesday.

We could use funds if they can help. Here is a donation site:

I also created a #Stand4Life tee that is available until Sunday. If people can help post this around that would be great.

Stand4Life t-shirt Available until Sunday!

The main key is not to lose momentum over the long weekend. We have a lot to do and if people have specific ideas or talents I’m happy to help. Just e-mail me.

I know this was long and I urge you not to get bogged down or lose hope. The fight is hard, but the victory is sweet. What is our reward? Saving the lives of thousands of innocent children and women from the horror of abortion.

Thank you for reading and engaging. E-mail me your questions or if you want to help out. We make this work together!

Twistedly yours,

Jason Vaughn

P.S. They vowed to come back. Will you?


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