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The November Situation

Where do we go from here?

That is the question on every freedom loving American’s mind today after we were bloodied in yesterday’s elections. It was a painful day. The pain was all the greater because our confidence in victory was so high. As we begin to move ahead though we must learn our lessons, be emboldened with hope, and have a plan for the future.

Learning our Lessons

It wasn’t the Third Party’s Fault.

If you’re anything like most disappointed voters then you’re trying to find the easiest person to blame. After watching friends fight it out about third parties it seems that would be an easy target, but the facts show to be far off.

Every state that Pres. Obama won was at more than 50% of the vote. So even if Romney took Libertarian, Constitution, Green Party, Ron Paul, Rosanne Barr, and Mickey Mouse votes he still would have lost the state. We lost this purely because of voter turnout.

Anger is Not Enough.

Last night just as the polls began to close I posted the following on facebook:

I’ve been asked by several people if I’m optimistic about tonight. The truth is I feel like the Republicans are the Democrats of 2004. We ran a candidate that was hard to get behind, we ran based on anybody but Obama, And we threw our own under the bus. I don’t know how this bodes for tonight, but I’m trying my best to still be optimist.

I’m not happy about it or glad that I was right, but I am a student of history. Anger is a great motivator. It moves millions of people, but it can’t move enough to the polls to win. People need something to vote for in an election. We need issues and men they can stand behind. We need leaders!

For the past two election cycles we’ve been told that conservatives can’t win so we must run a business minded or military minded moderate that a big tent can unite under. Yet again, that has been proven false. People desire to follow men of passion and conviction. Even if they agree with a man they will follow him if he knows where he is going. If you’re walking to an event and don’t know where to go you’ll most often find the person that looks like they are confident in their direction and follow them. That is how we win! We stand on principle and on a firm foundation!

We Lost This Before the Primaries Began

We can go back and think who would have been a better choice from the Republican primaries, but the truth is that none of the options were that great. I could have fully supported three of them (Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, or Ron Paul), but I still doubt the outcome would have been much different. We have some great men and great leaders, but we need some that are also great politicians. Politics is a game and sadly, no one in the Republican primary could play the game very well. We have to make sure not to split the conservative vote next time, but to make sure we have decent men run and it starts by encouraging and supporting our candidates at the local level.

A National Focus without a Local Engagement is Disastrous

Last night I was much more focused on the state and congressional elections than the presidential race. What amazed me was how states could vote so strongly in favor of Romney, but then abandon the other races! We have to educate people on how our system of government works. Had Romney won without a Senate majority his hands would be tied and he would be extremely limited. Thankfully this also works in limiting Pres. Obama’s hands since Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives.

Leaders don’t just start out running for the office of President in most cases. Many times they rise through the ranks as a city or county politician to a state politician before looking to a national of state wide stage.

Your county commissioner, school board, and city/county council have much more to say about your life in many cases than federal or even state officials, but sadly few people could name one person that represents them in those capacities. These local elections are where patriots thrive! The individual has such power in a republic if they understand the system and how to work with local officials.

So I urge you to learn your officials. Go meet with them and ask them about they’re role and views. Find out what you can do to help those you support. Encourage qualified men to run for office. I’ve heard many people say that it was the encouragement of a friend that made them decide to step out and run for office.

You have more authority than you’ve yet to imagine when it comes to local elections and issues if you’re just willing to do the work to get involved. The path is very open because so many are apathetic or seem to find excuses as to not join town hall meetings where these very issues are discussed.

Working locally is the equivalence of a 200 year family vision. The changes take time and your men may not win or move up as you’d like, but it is battle worthy of your time!

Be Emboldened with Hope

“Hope springs eternal.” – Alenxander Pope

We suffered many losses last night, but we also picked up some great wins that we should be encouraged by:

– Mike Pence was elected governor of Indiana!

– Judge Roy Moore was again elected Chief Justice of Alabama

– Oklahoma passed an open carry law

– Sharon Kennedy won a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court

– Of course Texas sent Ted Cruz to the US Senate

– Deb Fischer picked up a Senate seat in Nebraska

-The Arkansas state senate and house went Republican for the first time since Reconstruction

– And the best news is to remember that after four year’s of Carter the people were ready for Reagan so let our hopes be high that after eight of year’s of Obama we may elect a godly and great leader.

All of these are great reasons that may remain hopeful about the future and let that hope grant us the the boldness to press on.

A Plan for Today and Tomorrow

The saying goes that “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Well today is the day to start that plan and put it into action. Each one of us has a different purpose and role in life and so our plans will vary. Below I have laid out some generally steps that may help all of us.

  • Repent

This is my fourth presidential election and I sadly admit that after every win or loss I look back and realize I said or did things I wish I hadn’t. I spoke to harshly, judged to quickly, or became boastful in my spirit. If you never fail then you’ve never really tried, but I am always grieved when I fail my LORD. I am grateful for grace and forgiveness. Let us go before the throne of God and humbly repent of our sins and leave our guilt for those sins at His feet.

  • Unite

Conservatives come in many different stripes and we differ on approach, but especially in these early stages after an election let us put things behind us and focus on the true enemies of freedom in this nation. Belittling, grudges, pride, and bitterness will not help us in the days ahead. I admit that I am furious at the way the establishment treated Todd Akin in Missouri and simply abandoned him when he could have won, but I am working to put that to the side. It doesn’t mean I don’t remember who we can trust and who we should be wary of (NRSC), but I will fight beside any warrior that is looking to take ground.

  • Pray

In a battle we often seems too passive to take time and focus on pray, yet just as an army travels on it’s stomach so must our army move forward with prayer. Prayer shows our obedience to God and reminds us that this is not a battle we fight on our own.

Not only should we pray about issues and people we agree with, but we should pray for those we disagree with. Proverbs 21:1 tells us that the heart of leaders is turned by the hand of God. So God could change their hearts on issues and more importantly draw them to Christ that they may know and understand the gospel (not that all those we disagree with are not Christians).

  • Learn the Process

One of the challenges we’ve seen is in many grassroot movements is that many don’t know what elected official does what and so they blame the governor for something the county commissioner is in charge of and get mad that governor does nothing about it. You have to understand who does what. Yes, it is complicated because there are too many people doing too many things, but it is part of being a concerned citizen.

Part of your study should be on procedures, rules, and process as you need to know when you can have the most influence and if you desire to stop something you can know the tricks of the political trade.

  • Learn to Properly use Social Media

We have some great conservative voices on twitter like Stephen Crowder, Jim Hoft, and Chris & Dana Loesch, but conservatives are drowned out with the amount of ignorance. Learn how to use sites like twitter, reddit, and google + to actually help change the conversation.

  • Start Now

Much work for elections is done years in advance in some cases. Find a candidate or candidates you support and start give, encouraging, working with then now. Create your game plan, start training others to think strategically, and organize your resources.

If we start work now I truly think we will have a fantastic midterm election and see many great men raised up and ready to take

  • Go Succeed!

The greatest danger that our society and economy will have is a lack of belief. As long as Republicans hold the House, Pres. Obama won’t be able to do as much damage, but it is the attitude of the nation and the altitude of Republican pride that is harmful. If conservatives act in fear and refuse to move forward and strive to prosper then that is the liberal’s ultimate success, but we refuse to submit, if we refuse to just take the next four years off, if we reuse to wait for things to get better and decide to make things then we win.

Imagine if we fought off all the non-sense and millions of conservatives came out of this administration healthier, richer, and happier because they made the decision to take charge of their future. Imagine if we were to stand up and take responsibility to take care of ourselves and create an abundance by living below our means that even with more taxes we made it a point to help our families, our churches, our neighbors, and our nation.

That is how we win! One by one we take responsibility. We teach others the history and truth of this nation. We adopt more, give more and care more. We must love our neighbor as ourself and visit the widows and orphans in their distress.

We will fight with history, but win with hope. We will fight with facts, but win with faith. We will fight with logic, but win with love!


Jason Vaughn

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