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Hating Breitbart reminds us that we’re at WAR!


I never update this blog. Like most things you think it will be a great idea, but then it falls by the waist-side. Yet, I am glad it is here for special moments when I really want to help spread an idea.

Tonight, I went to watch Hating Breitbart again in Plano, TX. I took several people last week to opening night and a couple more tonight. I rarely see a film more than once. Not only was this documentary that good, but I also believe it is worth my support.

It follows the last two years of Andrew Breitbart’s life and several of the great stories he helped bring to national attention including the ACORN and Anthony Wiener scandals. Breitbart was a champion for freedom and truly hated and despised by the leftist elite.

There was actually one stories I remember seeing come out from Breitbart that I had thought he had been wrong about on his site. That was the Shirley Sherrod story from the NAACP. Unfortunately, I had heard the story from other sources instead of Breitbart and I was fooled. I’m thankful to have my thinking corrected. That was a good reminder how much we’ve all been brainwashed and manipulated by the main stream media.

The film was also a reminder of the mantle that we can all pick up. We have some great stars in the conservative new media like Chris & Dana Loesch, Andre Harper, Steven Crowder, and Jim Hoft, but when it comes to sheer numbers we are often drowned out. There are a lot of ignorant, liberals that are will to post on issues while most conservatives are older or just stay out of it. Breitbart reminds us of the need to be aggressive and stand up for what we believe in. You don’t have to be arrogant, but you should know you’re right and stop apologizing for saying so.

This country is in desperate need for men and women to take up the tools and fight progressivism that seeks to destroy freedom. We need warriors of liberty to take the banner from the fallen like Breitbart and get onto the battle field. We need to stop being pushed around and willing to throw our own under the bus when times get hard (ex. Akin & Mourdock).

We are conservatives. We believe in America. We believe in her people. We believe in freedom and we stand together! And together we will win!




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