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The Shuttle Program Ends, but We Still Look to the Stars!

I’m watching now as Space Shuttle Atlantis makes it’s final landing. Thankful it is a safe one. The last live shuttle re-entry I watched was the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy of 2003.


I know it is probably overly emotional, but I can’t help holding back tears. After 30 years the shuttle program is at an end and America will now rely on the Russians to enter into space.


In my opinion this is a great blot on the Obama administration. For a campaign that offered “hope” that have ended it for many young boys dreaming of being an astronaut.


I hope this will not truly be the end of America’s space endeavors. It was really probably the time to retire the shuttles, but there should have been ready to walk into the next generation of space flight.


I called my mom last night just to ask her if she remembered the first moon landing. She was only seven then, but she didn’t remember it.


Will I remember this moment? Will I have a moment with my kids when we return to the moon? Or will we just look on as the Chinese and other pass us by?


The truth is I don’t know, but we have long been a people that has looked to the stars and been inspired. We look at this vast created universe and and it beckons “Come explore me!” So while this president may have given up on that I don’t think we as a people will.


There are many private endeavors that are seeking to go into space and as long as they are not regulated out of it these may actually have great hope.


Doug Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries is currently planning a documentary on one of those flights and I can’t wait to view it.


You know, I serve a big God that created a vast universe and when we explore and learn about His creation we learn just how great He is. So while I now have a sense of sadness and melancholy over the end of the shuttle era I do believe that the call to the stars will continue.


Maybe one day I’ll even be able to make that trip into space myself.


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I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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