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Welcome to The Twisted Conservative!

Howdy all ya sick twisted freaks,

This is The Twisted Conservative, Jason Vaughn. Welcome to my new site. I thought I’d start out by letting you know a little bit about me.

The reason I’m known as the twisted conservative is because I actually make my living as a professional balloon artist and entertainer in St. Louis and also speak out on many conservative issues.

I have a ton of friends in the entertainment world who hold to liberal views, but there are very few of us who are conservative and I want to give a voice so the world can see the full range.

This was really all started when I made several balloons for one of my favorite radio hosts, Dana Loesch of The Dana Show on 97.1 Talk and Big Journalism. She really appreciated them and gave me a few plugs on air.

I was amazed at how many folks tried to tell me how wrong it was for a business owner to be associated with a political viewpoint. It was like I committed a cardinal sin!

Being the rebel it made me wanted to stand up even more and shout:

I’M CONSERVATIVE AND PROUD! And if you don’t like it then I will happily refer you to some left leaning entertainers.

So here is my continued rebellion. If you think that my being a conservative disqualifies me from entertaining at your event then I’m not the one for you, but if you want great entertainment (I’m a capitalist so I work for all people) then check my work out at

This is America and I love the right of freedom of speech and I won’t let fear of losing a little business scare me off.

So that is where I’m coming from and more importantly I’m coming from an evangelical Christian viewpoint.

I’m not a pragmatist. I don’t just care about political victories. I care about what is right and what God commands in His word. I much as I dislike government most of the time it was instituted by God and if you want to do it right then it should be under His will. That will ultimately lead to a small government, and His blessings.

No this is not a theocracy, but if we want to see God bless America then we must elect officials with the best understanding of God’s purpose for government which is primarily to “yield the sword” to protect the innocent and punish the criminal.

But more on that later.


Thanks for stopping by,


Jason Vaughn, The Twisted Conservative


About Jason Vaughn

I'm a conservative Christian blogger and filmmaker.

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